"Our mission is to be the premier manufacturer of woven sacks and bags in Africa, creating value for our clients by providing technologically advanced, quality packaging products along with premium service."
Machinery (Starlinger)
Extrusion (Tapeline)
Produces PP tapes and good quality tapes for woven bags
Printing Machine
Multi-color prints and designs can be produced to different brands. Computerized printing plate production enables the most detailed company logo and / or advertising messages to promote products.
Conducted on six-shuttle (SL6) circular looms for sack fabric. The looms are versatile for loght to heavy weight fabric from PP tapes

An extension of the loom machines - fabric on winders

The automated formation of the final Adstar sack is accomplished by the conversion line that gives the sack its final, individual form, cutting it to length, welding it, and adding the desired closure type - or forming a brick - shaped AD*STARĀ® sack in a special adhesive-free heat welding process
Coat Line
Laminated Sacks Provide much better protection of the contents from dust and especially from moisture. Coated fabric also offers better printability.
Baling Press
Packing finished bags into bales.