"Our mission is to be the premier manufacturer of woven sacks and bags in Africa, creating value for our clients by providing technologically advanced, quality packaging products along with premium service."

What do we offer...
  • A truly regional partnership
  • Full technical support
  • Group pricing mechanism (take advantage of group procurement)
  • EAC, SADC & COMESA supply options (take advantage of regional trade)

  • Group Profile

    Raffia Bags Limited is one of the largest manufacturers of woven polypropylene (PP) sacks and bags in Africa. The Company started commercial production in June 1996 and has since expanded to have factories in Kenya, Tanzania and South Africa.

    Since its inception, the market for various types of polypropylene sacks and bags has increased considerably. prompting Raffia to expand to meet the growth in various market sectors. In particular, Raffia has diversified into the production of innnovativw block bottom valve sacks, widely used in the cement industry and branded Adstar®.

    Raffia Bags Limited produce a range of woven polypropylene products that include:
  • Woven polypropylene sacks and bags with inner polythene liners and / or lamination coating
  • Woven polypropylene sacks and bags without inner liners and / or lamination
  • Woven Adstar® sacks with block bottom and valves
  • Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (FIBC), Heavy duty / limited trip and single trip (Bulk Bags)
  • Cargo Slings and Crane Slings
  • Mine support bags

  • Raffia also manufactures the inner polyethylene liners for sacks and bags. This Product is in particular demand from the chemical and sugar industry.

    Printing on sacks and bags is undertaken according to the client's specifications.

    All Raffia Bags plants across Africa are state-of-the-art using only the latest European Technology. Raffia holds manufacturing rights for the Adstar® sack

    Polypropylene sacks and bags are currently used for the packaging of a significant proportion of the region's commodities including cement, sugar, rice, wheat, maize flour, salt, fertilizers, animal feeds and cotton seeds.

    Raffia has used its strong product quality, production capabilities, service delivery, skilled labour and market knowledge to take advantage of the growth in market opportunities. This has lead to it becoming the leading manufacturer and supplier of polypropylene sacks and bags in the region.